Friday, 17 August 2018

The Gift

'Devote today to something so daring even you can't believe you're doing it'

Oprah Winfrey

As I was selling the final few tickets for the Gala Dinner this time last year, I met Sarah. She signed up for the last two tickets and her enthusiastic support and friendship has been a birthday gift that lasted all year.

Then she stunned me with a proposal

Over a birthday breakfast Sarah mentioned that she would turn 40 almost exactly a year after me. Despite an immensely busy life working in London and raising two very small children, Sarah was considering taking on the 40th Birthday fundraising challenge from me at the end of my Fortycubed year.

Handing the baton over to Sarah - #40butnice

'Last September, I was fortunate enough to find a window through my sleep-deprived parenting fog to hear about and snap up the last two tickets to the Fortycubed Gala Dinner. And what an adventure that began!

Enthused by the - quite frankly ingenious - idea to seize the opportunity to celebrate a daunting milestone by drawing together all your favourite people, to get glammed up and raise money and awareness for causes close to their hearts...I asked Jac if I could take her out for a birthday brunch so that I could spend some time eating, chatting and getting to know the brain behind this brilliance.

Little did I know, as I greedily quizzed my brunch guest - and even more greedily munched on my smashed avocado and poached eggs at the gorgeous Coppa Club- that a passing quip that ‘someone should take on the baton next year’ would result in a panicked realisation on the drive home that I was turning 40 exactly a year later ...and a subsequent burning need to then pursue and fulfil the baton-wielding responsibility!
Inspired by Jac and driven by the desire to do something following the untimely death of a beautiful school friend of mine, #40butnice came into being.

Celebrating the craft-loving, marathon-running, coral-lipstick wearing, cheesy-music-dancing, Christmas-loving life-force and all-round splendid human being that was my great friend Vicky Priest, the Eve Appeal is at the heart of my fundraising - raising money and awareness of gynaecological cancer.

But the Gatsby-themed charity ball at Reddam House on Sat 22nd September will see over 150 guests raising cash and awareness for many more fantastic causes too. Tables of ten are partying their hearts out and supporting a different charity each with a great range of local, national and international charities in the room including Clic Sargent, Chemogiftbags, Reading Refugee Support Group, Welsh Hearts and The DPJ Foundation.

So feel free to join us. Tables are pretty much sold out but I am delighted to be able to now offer a drinks and dancing ticket for the event. For more details and to purchase tickets please follow 40butnice on Instagram.'

Farewell to Fortycubed 
The Fortycubed Fundraising year is not quite at a close. My husband will attempt to climb Mont Blanc in early September raising funds and awareness for The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. The final Fortycubed total will then be announced before the baton is passed on to Sarah at 40butnice in time for the Gatsby themed charity ball where Fortycubed will be hosting a table raising funds for Clic Sargent.

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