Monday, 25 June 2018

Teenage Cancer Trust

Being a teenager is a tough even without a cancer diagnosis. It is heartbreaking that around 7 young people (aged 13-24) are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK.  

The young man who inspired the addition of the Teenager Cancer Trust onto the Fortycubed list passed away on Boxing Day this year.  
The Trust knows and understands that having cancer at a young age comes with its own particular set of challenges. Their services put the needs of young people first and allow them to face those challenges together.
One young woman described her experience: 

'As soon as I walked onto the Teenage Cancer Trust unit it was so much better than a normal hospital ward. At Rotherham I’d been the youngest on the ward by 20 years, and even though I had a private room, there was nothing in it really. When I went onto the Teenage Cancer Trust unit I was shown my room, and I was actually quite excited! I loved that I could have a TV, that I could have a shower without someone having to be there with me, and I could regain a bit of my independence. I’ve always called it ‘my bedroom’, not ‘the hospital room’, and I think that sums up exactly how comfortable I felt on the unit.
I met Shona, the Teenage Cancer Trust Nurse straight away as soon as I arrived. She stayed to welcome me onto the unit, even though it was 7pm and no one else was around. When I was at home she would visit me at my house to come and change my picc line, she’d stay for a cuppa and chat to me about how I was doing. It was so nice because it meant I didn’t have to go to the hospital every week. And if I wanted anything arranging for the next time I was in, she could do it for me – like coming in for my chemo at 3pm instead of 12pm so that I could plan to do stuff with my friends.'

Teenagers vs Cancer: A User's Guide

The Teenage Cancer Trust has been working with Patron, Roger Daltrey,  BBC Horizon and other cancer charities to produce a new documentary film showing the benefits that specialised nursing care and support brings for teenagers and young adults. 

'Teenagers vs Cancer: A User's Guide' follows the stories of eleven young people with cancer to see how they have dealt with their cancer experience, from diagnosis through to treatment and beyond. It's an incredible opportunity to hear from young people directly, in their own words, about their experiences, their thoughts and advice, and their hopes.
The show will air on BBC 2 on Tuesday 26th June at 9:30pm or you can catch up afterwards on BBC iPlayer.  

To make a donation to the work of the Teenage Cancer Trust please follow this link.


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