Wednesday, 25 April 2018


My husband and I are blessed each Sunday evening with over 50 children regularly attending a youth club we took over almost 3 years ago.  The previous leaders were stepping down so that they would have the time available to start fostering children.  We should have known then that our experiences would change our lives and our perspective on the 'youth' in our community.  

Mental Health

So many of my blog posts have touched on mental health.  It pervades every single one of the charities supported by Fortycubed at some level.  When anyone suffers from domestic abuse, a miscarriage or cancer for example, mental health challenges will be faced by the individual and all those who love and care for them.  

I have already written posts explaining my personal reasons for supporting Mind and my sister shared the heartbreaking story of teenage suicide in her own community.  I am also raising funds for Place2Be, a mental health charity that focuses on younger people and works closely with schools to support the growing numbers of children struggling to manage their personal mental health challenges.  

The Shocking Statistics

  • One in ten children aged between 5 and 16 years (three in every classroom) has a mental health problem, and many continue to have these problems into adulthood.
  • Over half of all mental ill health starts before the age of 14 years, and 75% has developed by the age of 18.
  • Among teenagers, rates of depression and anxiety have increased by 70% in the past 25 years.
  • NHS England estimates that poor mental health costs the economy, NHS and society £105 billion a year in England

Place2Be believes that children are less likely to suffer from serious mental health difficulties in later life if they receive support at an early age.  Issues raised by children receiving Place2Be services are wide-ranging and often complex, including bullying, family breakdown, dealing with anger or anxiety, bereavement or friendship issues.

The Other Side of the Story

Our experiences with the youth club have shown us that when you make judgements at the surface level without seeing and valuing children as individuals, you can miss the full picture.  Please take 3 minutes to watch this film produced by Place2Be and consider making a donation towards their work.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this Jac. Raising awareness and talking about mental health issues at primary age is really important and I know that a Place2Be is an amazing charity supporting so many young children. Please give generously x