Friday, 4 August 2017

The Triple - Pounding square pizzas!

1. Pounding the paths of Dinton Pastures for Daisy's Dream

Christine will be taking on a 10K run next week as she raises money for Daisy's Dream as part of the fortycubed challenge.  Please sponsor her if you can! You can learn more about the charity and why it is on the fortycubed list here.

2. Squares for the sisterhood 

Aunty Ann has been knitting like crazy for Freedom from Fistula UK.  These squares will be given to a woman recuperating after a simple operation to fix an obstetric fistula caused by complications of childbirth.  As she recovers in hospital she will be sewing the squares together into a blanket which she is then able to take back home with her as she embarks on her new life as a healed woman.  

3. And a Pizza Raffle for Prostate Cancer

I am so grateful to my fabulous friends at Little Reds - the Authentic Wood Fired Pizza Company for their ongoing support.  They have supported Prostate Cancer UK for several years and are holding a pizza raffle to raise funds for the cause as part of the fortycubed challenge.  If you are attending The Ollie Young Foundation Fun Day in Wokingham on 13th August it is certainly worth finding out more about the Little Reds Pizza Raffle from their Facebook page.  

Thank you my lovely friends and family!

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