Saturday, 12 August 2017

Cancer Research

I don't believe that time heals but I believe that you get used to living with the pain.  

I remember driving home from the hospital where my mum was gradually dying from ovarian cancer and looking at all the other people going about their lives as if it was just a normal day.  As they walked along the road or sang along to music in their cars I envied their freedom; their ability to plan and look forward to the day, weeks and months ahead. I was hanging on to each moment, almost holding my breath knowing that nothing could prepare me for the next chapter of life I was about to face.

I now realise everyone carries burdens and that no-one is completely free from worry or sadness but, in the main, people make the choice to carry on living.  

I was reading this morning about how important it is that we talk about these times of trouble and how we learn to carry on:

'What happens when we sweep our true stories of grief and loss under the rug and don't share them?  All the incredible true stories of hope get swept under there too.'

In times of suffering and pain there are always lessons to be learned and opportunities to grow.  There is always hope for the future.

Who hasn't been touched by cancer?  

I am so grateful that in many cases it is not the death sentence it was once was but the road to recovery is rocky and frightening.  So many of my friends have been through this, are going through this or are in the period of 'limbo', while they wait to find out what the next chapter of life holds for them. 

Of the 40 charities I have chosen, 9 are directly related to cancer.  Cancer Research made it onto the fortycubed list when I undertook the Shine Marathon which involved walking 26.2miles throughout the night across London.  It was not the first time I have undertaken the Shine challenge but I don't plan to do it again!  This was another Blister Sister event and between the 3 of us we successfully raised £1,244.98 for Cancer Research which formed the foundation for the fortycubed fundraising.

The Cancer Research table at the fortycubed Gala Dinner was the first table to sell out.  We will be continuing to fundraise for Cancer Research over the coming year.  If you would like to make a donation please follow this link.

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