Thursday, 16 March 2017

Sanitary Towels and Easter Eggs!

The tickets have arrived and today I took my creative friend who designed them over to the venue for the charity dinner so she could get some ideas for decoration at the event.   

On the way back I tried my first ever (vegetarian) meatballs at Ikea and as if that wasn't enough fun for one day, we then headed to pick up some Click and Collect items from the supermarket.

This Sunday our local church is organising a community action day including a litter pick, a knitting bee and a collection for mother and baby items for Syrian refugees.  I have supported Bloody Good Period for a while now and this week I read the devastating reports of young women in the UK  missing school because they are unable to afford sanitary towels.  Looking at the items listed as requested donations I felt that sanitary towels were the natural choice.

The young man at the supermarket who was collecting my purchases for me shouted casually across the car park 'what is it you are picking up?'  I stood tall and shouted back just as casually and twice as loudly, 'sanitary towels and Easter eggs!' That young man never made it back into the loading area but sent his colleague out with the goodies instead!

So forty packs of sanitary towels will be donated this weekend by the fortycubed family and one young man will be reflecting on the benefits of bulk buying items that will always be essential on the shopping list.


  1. Here's to normalising the normality of menstruation!

  2. I purchased a bundle from the J&J staff shop, had to do a 'double take' when I checked the order as I initially misread, thought the packet said 'menthol' !!