Friday, 3 February 2017



(in a good way)

I knew I'd need the support of family and friends in this challenge but they have been amazing.  They've offered their time, their expertise, their money and most importantly, their encouragement. One couple have even offered to raise £1,000 of my total target for a particular charity close to their hearts.

So I am still 39 for another 8 months but we have already raised over £1500 for charity. Thank you for all your support.

The Official Launch


Fortycubed is officially launched later this year on Saturday 14th October with a Charity Dinner at the De Vere Wokefield Estate.  As you might expect, all 40 charities I have chosen to support as part of my 40th birthday challenge will benefit from ticket sales to the event.  Each charity will also benefit from proceeds from an auction prize to be sold during the evening.

There will be a 'champion' for each charity at the event, most likely one of my friends who has directly benefited from the support of that charity and who wants to make sure the same support is available to others in the future.

This event will kick off a full calendar of events concluding in October 2018 with a charity fashion show and shopping evening.  In between, we are planning singalong film nights, massage marathons, photography courses, coffee and cake mornings, a foreign coin drive, golf days, book sales, a silent auction, an inflatable fun day and some other surprises.

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