Wednesday, 26 October 2016

40,000 Reasons

Still 39!
40 is worth celebrating although so is 42 being ‘the meaning of life, the universe and everything’.

I had considered a big party where groups of friends who haven’t seen each other since our wedding 15 years ago would mill around checking out who can still be recognised after years of parenting, toiling and far too many weekend trips to the tip.

Accepting that I’d end up having short and pointless conversations with each individual in that setting I decided to stagger the celebrations and have 40 separate gatherings with one or more friends at each. 

Mind the Ego
But in the last few years my faith has thankfully helped me recognise an ego trip when I might be initiating one. 

So I had a thought whispering through my mind about doing something worthwhile to celebrate.  Something I might enjoy but would show a degree of thanks for my 40 years on this planet; for all the people I have loved and have shown love, loyalty and friendship to me. 

The idea of raising £40,000 across 40 charities over the course of my 40th year was born.

And then I ended up telling someone...and then a few more people...until I was completely committed to the success of the project without having given much thought as to how I would achieve it. 

But then friends and family have stepped up and offered support and more than anything, a universal belief that it can be done!

Fundraising in earnest begins a year from now but the charities I have chosen need help right now so I am committing this year to planning the 40 for 40 at 40 and also raising awareness of the 40 charities I have chosen.  Several of them have supported people I love through challenging times in their lives, some have supported me directly and others, we may all rely on in the future.

Keeping Mum
And why the Silver Birch trees?  They remind me of my mum who will always be my biggest cheerleader. Turning 40 marks the year that I will have spent half my life on this planet without her physically by my side.